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Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 21

March 9, 2014


Édition limitée / Limited Edition
March 2014
Montreal Canada

Total printing of 100, broken down as follows:
Edition of 70,
7 Artist Proofs (AP)/ Épreuves d’artistes (E.P.),
7 Dedicated Proofs (DP),
3 Printer Proofs (PP),
3 Trial Proofs (TP),
10 Hors commerce (H.C.)

Saturday, March 22, 2014
La Galerie Espace
4844, Boul. St-Laurent
Montréal, Québec
H2T 1R5

The nine contributing artists have been brought together for the enveloppe and are all participants in the group exhibition Something Something Something are:
Francois Arès 
Eric Bond 
Gaël Comeau 
Andras Csaszar 
Joe Dunlap 
Erika Kohutova 
Daniel Michaud 
Douglas Scholes 
Victoria Wonnacott

Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 20

November 14, 2012


Game / Jeu
November 2012
London, Hackney, England
Edition of 70

Banner Repeater
Platform 1
Hackney Downs Network Rail
Dalston Lane
E8 1LA
Friday, November 16th, 2012

Daniel Canty & Patrick Beaulieu (Montreal, Canada), collectif_ fact – Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet (Geneva, Switzerland), Emotional Driven Process Based Parallel Identities (London, UK), Levin Haegele (London, UK), Lukas Heistinger (Vienna, Austria), Pekko Koskinen (Helsinki, Finland), Alan Magee (London, UK), James Prevett (London, UK), NaoKo TakaHashi (London, UK), Andy Wicks (London, UK) and YKON (Helsinki, Finland)


Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 19

August 15, 2011

Août / August 2011
Montréal (Québec); San Francisco (California)
Edition of 119


Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain
Jeudi 18 août, 17h-19h, avec DJ cyan
Mémoire pour le future | Memory for the Future, 17 – 27 août

Adad Hannah | Alexandra McIntosh | Alissa Firth-Eagland | Amish Morrell | Andre Furlani | Ann Butler | Anne Bertrand | Anne-Marie Proulx | Ardath Whynacht | Barbara Clausen | Barbara Wisnoski | Catherine Bodmer | Chris Carrière | Claudine Hubert | Corina MacDonald | Daniel Olson | Darren Wershler | David Tomas | Denis Lessard | Denis Longchamps | Doug Scholes | Emily Falvey | Eva Fromm | François Lemieux | Felicity Tayler | Florencia Marchetti | Jacob Wren | jake moore | Jen Allen | Johanne Sloan | John Latour | John Murchie | Karen Spencer | Karilee Fuglem | Leisure Projects | Lowell Darling | Marc-Antoine K. Phaneuf | Marisa Jahn | Mark Gaspar | Michael Blum | Michèle Theriault | Michelle Bush | Nathalie Angles | Nicole Burisch | Peter Dubé | Rebecca Duclos | Robin Simpson | Sarah Greig | Sarah Watson | Sarah Wookey | Simon Brown | Sturm Husqvarna | Taien Ng-Chan | Therese Mastroiacovo | Tom Sherman | Urs Lehni | Vincent Bonin | Vincent Trasov

In San Francisco, tsunami sirens pierce the seaside air every Tuesday at noon. In this city under constant threat of extinction, Rick and Megan Prelinger have accumulated a private collection of over 40,000 books, periodicals, ephemera and government documents. Many of these documents were once in public library collections, but have been discarded as cultural memory is digitized and migrates online. In the American democratic tradition of building community through private assets, the Prelingers have opened their Library to everyone compelled by curiosity. While some of its most avid users arrive via Silicon Valley, this Library is an ark of pulp and paper, something solid that might float when rivers of information lose their wellsprings of electricity.

The Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal assigned an amanuensis the task of soliciting search requests from fifty-seven people in different cities. The amanuensis received these requests and browsed the Prelinger Library for appropriate material. The collection is arranged as a landscape, interpolating the history of communities and their relationship to the environment. Accordingly, the act of searching must follow the contours of this topology. Petite enveloppe urbaine No. 19 contains the answers to their questions.

Tous les mardis à San Francisco, des sirènes rappellent aux habitants la possibilité imminente d’un tsunami. C’est à l’ombre de cet anéantissement éventuel que Rick et Megan Prelinger ont amassé les 40 000 livres, périodiques, documents gouvernementaux et autres publications éphémères qui deviendront, en 1983, la Prelinger Library. Bon nombre de ces documents, abandonnés dans le sillage de la numérisation omniprésente, proviennent des collections de bibliothèques publiques, et fidèle à la tradition américaine du mécénat communautaire, la Prelinger Library est justement ouverte à tous. Bien que la plupart des habitués y accèdent de façon virtuelle, l’archive demeure une véritable arche de Noé faite en papier, prête à retrouver l’océan si jamais les sirènes sonnent pour de vrai.

Le centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal a engagé les services d’un amanuensis (copiste) qui a sollicité des requêtes de recherche auprès de cinquante-sept individus d’un peu partout dans le monde. Le copiste a sillonné l’archive afin de répondre à ces requêtes — archive qui prend la forme d’un paysage, intercalant l’histoire des communautés et leurs contextes respectifs. Le parcours du chercheur suit donc les contours de cette topologie. La Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 19 en présente les retombées.

Traduction : Simon Brown

Thank you / Remerciements:

With thanks to Edward Maloney, Pierre-François Ouellette, Rick Prelinger, Megan Shaw Prelinger, Kevin Kelly, the Canada Council for the Arts and all of you whose questions led the way through the dusty books in San Francisco.

Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 18

November 27, 2009

Themes for Young Lovers

A special edition of the Petite enveloppe urbaine on the theme of love and marriage, created in honour of the matrimony of CRUM member Matt Killen (Overlord of Entropy) to his beloved, Joanna HR Foster, and distributed to wedding guests upon the occasion.

Issues encompasses: CD in envelope, 12.7 x 12.7 cm; white handerchief with black printed text, 41 x 41 cm; colour photo printed on cardstock, 11.5 x 11.5 cm; colour image on glossy cardstock, 13 x 18 cm; yellow envelope, 15. 5 x 8.5 cm, envelope contains two sheets of paper; certificate with gold embossing and a gold circular seal (sticker), 21.5 x 17 cm; Cellophane envelope containing 4 apple seeds, colour printed card 14 x 9.5 cm, plastic engraved plaque, 4 x 10 cm; colour photograph, 12.5 x 17.5 cm; beeswax relief carving, 3 x 8.5 x 0.75 cm; envelope dimensions 24 x 14.5 cm — Description courtesy of the The Banff Centre’s Paul D Fleck Library and Archives, Banff Alberta

Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 17

November 16, 2008

CCA bookstore

Architectural Follies
Les Follies architecturales

Novembre / November 2008
Edition of 80

Librarie Centre Canadien d’architecture
Dimanche 16 novembre, 15 h
Canadian Centre for Architecture Bookstore
Sunday December 16, 3pm

Lance Blomgren (Dawson City), Sara Graham (Toronto), David Hoffos (Lethbridge), Knowles Eddy Knowles (Jon Knowles, Michael Eddy, Rob Knowles; Montréal/Londres) et NIPpaysage (Mathieu Casavant, France Cormier, Josée Labelle, Michel Langevin, Mélanie Mignault ; Montréal); Curator / Comissaire Alexandra McIntosh

Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 16

September 10, 2008

How to become a genius / Comment devenir un génie

September/Septembre 2008 – Calgary, Alberta
Unlimited edition

This edition is produced in coordination
with the Artcity Festival in Calgary.

Wednesday, September 10th @ 7:45 pm
at the Uptown Stage and Screen
Calgary, Alberta

How to become a genius is inspired by today’s fascination for the unique and fantastic ways of thinking that are contra-status quo in the contemporary culture. With the focus on the individual, our fast paced information based Western culture has a thirst for the next new thing and each of us wants (so we are told) to be unique, to stand out, to become the genius in our area of interest.

How to become a genius is an opportunity for the invited artists to reinterpret the idea of the “genius” as an open-ended concept – a fictional place, a literal space, or a metaphorical site that explores the creative genius and the ways in which imagination pushes boundaries. The works that are presented in the context of the Petite enveloppe urbaine will reflect the multi-faceted nature of this phenomenon. Read the rest of this entry »

Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 15

June 24, 2008

You: Inversal Properties

Thursday, June 26th, 6-9pm
Open Studio, 401 Richmond Street West, suite 104

Toronto (Ontario)

Edition of 55

Featuring the work of:

Jack Allen, Dan Cohen, Jackson Darby, Christopher Manousos, Paige McLachlan, Sinead Thibert

The theme of Issue No. 15 is inspired by the essential quality of an object, form or symbol that we recognize as invariable, despite inverse transformation. You: Inversal Properties explores the idea of individuals living collectively within a universe and how they recognize the importance of these invariant or ‘universal’ properties. The works that are presented in this issue of the petite enveloppe urbaine reflect the underlying forms that are preserved through inversion.

This particular edition of the Enveloppe, coordinated by Jack Allen with the assistance of CRUM member Matt Killen, exclusively features the work artists between the ages of 18 and 20.

Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 14

October 26, 2007

Locus horribilis
octobre / October 2007, Montreal (Québec); Toronto (Ontario)
Edition of 66

PEU 14 frontPEU 14 back

Friday, October 26th, 2007 : 7-10pm
Art Metropole,
Toronto (Ontario)
With a live Doom Metal performance by Matt Killen.
Saturday November 10th , 2007 : 14h30 – 17h30
Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain, PFOAC, Montréal (Québec) Accompanying the solo exhibition John Latour ” Chimérique” and Outside of the Ordinary a presentation of video and animated films.

PEU 14 – Press Release

Peu 14 – Press Review in Locus Suspectus, No 5 (Fall, 2007) p 7

Art Metropole launch - Photo courtesy of Joanna Foster

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Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 13

February 1, 2006

février / February 2006, Montreal (Québec)

Dare-Dare, Centre de diffusion d’art multidisciplinaire de Montréal

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Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 12

October 23, 2004

Information + democracy
Information + démocratie

October/octobre 2004


La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse, Montréal, Québec
Eastern Edge, St.John’s, Newfoundland

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March 1, 2004

CARTE BLANCHE est un project autonome crée et dirigé par Hugues Charbonneau et L’Association des galeries d’art contemporain (AGAC).

CARTE BLANCHE est un périodique trimestriel qui est distribué gratuitement à Montréal, à New York ainsi qu’à Toronto dès mars 2004.

Le mandat de CARTE BLANCHE est d’offrir aux artistes l’accès aux nombreux avantages de l’édition à grand déploiement, tout en conservant le contrôle sur la représentation de leurs productions. Nous travaillons également à favoriser l’expansion du réseau d’échange entre les communautés artistiques montréalaise, new-yorkaise et torontoise.

Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 11

February 20, 2004

La science-fiction comme commentaire social
Science Fiction as Social Commentary

SPACE, The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Québec Festival, Pittsburgh
Centre des arts actuels, SKOL, Montréal

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Isabelle Hayeur : Destinations

January 30, 2004

Édition d’artiste

Destinations : Avec une conversation entre / with a conversation between Hugues Charbonneau, Isabelle Hayeur et/and Patrice Loubier. Montreal : Centre de recherche urbaine de Montréal, 2004. 35 p. ill.

ISBN 2-9808422-0-6

Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 10

May 12, 2003

Photographies de Voyage
Travel Pictures

Artists’ association Muu, Helsinki, Finland
Centre des arts actuels, SKOL, Montréal

This 10th issue features the release of parallel issues of the PEU in two different cities, Montréal and Helsinki.
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Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 9

October 18, 2002

Intérieurs montréalais
Montréal Interiors

octobre/October 2002

Bibliothèque nationale

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Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 8

September 5, 2002

Matériaux en mouvement / Material in Movement
septembre / September 2002, Montreal (Québec)

Petite enveloppe urbaine no8 - frontPetite enveloppe urbaine no8 - back

Centre des arts actuels, SKOL

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Petite enveloppe urbaine no. 7

April 26, 2002

Les derniers jours d’un bain public
The Final Days of a Public Bath

avril / April 2002

no7frt.png no7bk.png

Cette édition est lancée dans le contexte de l’exposition:
This edition is launched in conjunction with the exhibition
objet 01 : Les derniers jours d’un bain public.

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