karen elaine spencer : rêve dans mon oreille

October 5, 2006

Du 1er au 27 octobre au Centre d’art actuel le Lobe de Chicoutimi au Saguenay qui accueil des artistes en résidence.
Communiqué de presse


“so far things have been moving rather slowly. i have not yet been able to work with the maison d’acceuil sans abri, but i continue to meet with sylvaine, the director…and maybe this wednesday i will get the chance to present my project to the residents so i can listen to their dreams. there are no homeless living in doorways, chicoutimi is a small town and it seems everyone has shelter of some sort. my project so far has been to condense into thirty words or less my own dreams and then to write the dream on carboard and circulate on racine street.

“i figure if i want people to tell me their dreams i can at least get some conversation going about dreams by putting my own out there in the public. it takes a bit of spunk to go out and do this and just yesterday three police cars came to the rescue of a store owner (Spectral Sports) that didn’t want me hanging with my placard in front of his place. the owner asked me to leave, i asked why, he said he didn’t have to tell me why, it was private property (i was under his awning as it was raining). then he said if i didn’t leave he would call the cops, which he did. they arrived, i explained my project to them, they said under the awning was private property and he had the right to make me move. so i did, feeling like unwanted trash. but most people are nice.” — dream listener

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