dream listener : radio interview

January 18, 2007

Dream listener (aka karen elaine spencer) gave an interview with CBC radio to be aired on Saturday, January 20th between five and six on 88.5 fm.


“it was mostly the dream holding aspect of the project we talked about as the other part is slower to come together… it is so difficult to talk intelligently about homelessness and dreams.

“i figured out after the interview that it probably has a lot to do with the word homeless and all the different connotations that can have…so the next time someone asks me a question about that i can then talk about just the difficulty of pinning down what homeless is (as most of the guys at st.james are not without shelter, and then there are the train hoppers who are without shelter but choose that lifestyle, and then there is drug addiction, alchohol abuse, mental illness, and on and on it goes…)

“anyways, if any one of you listens to the interview, it would be nice to have constructive feedback, i probably won’t have the chance to listen to it, which is just fine as i think i would probably want to die of embarrassment.” — dream listener

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