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April 16, 2016

CRUM’s Overlord of Entropy, founding member Hugues Charbonneau and its Master of Maintenance launch a new project!

#tinyartlab is a hashtag, an open platform for artists.

There is no need to apologize for the what and the where, #tinyartlab sees itself in relation to the other. It simply is.

#tinyartlab is a hashtag at the disposal of artists who want to share new projects. It is a way to find oneself in the white noise of the making and exhibiting art. Its friendly network flourishes within existing social media platforms. It is suited to aesthetic experiments in form and concept. Nobody owns it.  There are no geographical limits. No need to fundraise. No need to ask permissions. It is an ever-growing virtual collective exhibition.

Post your art project (video, gif, photo, text, sound, etc.) then simply hashtag it with #tinyartlab to broadcast to a network of contemporary artists and people who care.

#tinyartlab manifesto

#tinyartlab manifesto